Thursday, 2 January 2014

Where Are You From?

Where are you from? I’m frequently asked this question and I have various answers depending on where I am in the world. More recently, I have been sharing my Benin roots as well as my wish to visit Benin in 2015 with any native Africans who ask me where I’m from. However, their reaction is overwhelming negative to my desire to travel to Benin. Essentially, evil or harm will come to me and family; including not being allowed to leave Benin. It finally occurred to me that the response is similar to what others have heard or warned about entering our ‘Shango yard’ in Belmont.

I must admit that I was initially scared to go to Benin after hearing these stories. However, now I’m even more determined to finally finish the family journey.

We plan to be in Benin in January 2015 around January 10th to witness the voodoo festival and experience all that Benin has to offer. I’m particularly interested in seeing Cotonu where our Abojevi Zahwenu originated. Also, Savalu where his wife was captured, walked while chained at the ankle to Cotonu and boarded the slave ship to Trinidad. We’ll begin to work on the itinerary in the coming months.

There are currently nine Antoines who are hoping to experience Benin together. I hope you can join us as we trace our roots back to Benin. You have a year to prepare financially, psychologically and physically for the trip.

We’ll provide all updates here so at the very least you can live vicariously through us.  Stay tuned  ...

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